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Commissions can be undertaken if:

- you have seen a painting that you like but it has been sold
- you have specific size requirements, such as a large space to fill
- you have seen a large painting that will not fit but would like a scaled down version
- you have seen a painting which you like but you would prefer it in a different colour
- you just want something unique to you

however please note that due to my technique it is not possible to copy a painting nor would I do so, as each piece is sold as an original, but I am happy to discuss a new painting based on a previous piece of work

How it works:

| The first step is to discuss your requirements with you either on site if you are within Norfolk or at my studio

| A visual based on previous paintings will be created in photoshop to incorporate your requirements. The image[s] will be sent via email as a jpg / pdf for your approval or a further meeting can be arranged to adjust the design if necessary NOTE these images are for guidance only and will not represent the final paintings exactly

| Progress of the commission can be sent vie email as a jpg or if you live close enough to my studio you will be welcome to visit as the work progresses on a date and time suitable to you

| Once complete the commission can be collected or multiple/large canvasses delivered [ free within Norfolk ] - a small charge will be calculated for elsewhere in the UK

| The whole process is risk free to you as payment will only be required once you are happy with the commission - if you are not happy with it I will simply hang it in my studio to sell

Scroll down to see examples of completed commissions
A | my largest commission

to make an impact on the only blank wall within a large barn conversion. The wall was large, 3.6m wide x 3.2m high. At the original meeting on site just one of my large canvases [ 120cm x 100cm ] was first placed up against the wall, however it was decided that it looked lost within the space. It was then decided that 3 x medium size canvasses [ 60cm x 97.1cm ] would be used as a triptych as they could be moved apart to spread them out into the space. The client also took the decision not to go for a conventional triptych [ a painting split into 3 ] but instead each panel should be different in style, but still show the same subject, using colour to tie them together. The client also wanted to break the triptych up further by hanging each panel at different heights. The second meeting involved visuals for the triptych, but the height of the wall was not being utilised even with the 3 paintings being hung at different heights. I also took along visuals incorporating 3 further panels of varying sizes with magnified elements from the triptych which 'exploded' the image across the whole wall. The client liked the addition of these extra panels as it gave them the look they were after turning the whole commission into more of an art installation, a phrase which had cropped up during the first meeting

The result is shown below - showing relationship of layout to the size of wall
Stacks Image 137
same day different time | burnham overy staithe | n norfolk

acrylic on deep box canvas | 3 of 60 x 97.1cm | 1 of 60cm sq | 2 of 30cm sq
B | my smallest canvas commission [ 60cm sq ]

to complete a 'sister' painting to an original one that the client had previously bought. This is one example where my rule of not copying another painting was waived to a certain extent ONLY because the client had already bought the original and at a later date wanted to echo that painting on the other side of a window opening. However the space on one side of the opening was smaller than the other, which meant the commission had to be shorter too. The colours and the theme this time were followed however notice that the wave direction was changed to add interest. This also meant that at some point if the two paintings were hung apart elsewhere each one would stand alone as an individual painting

The result is shown below - the original on the left - commission on the right
Stacks Image 143
warm winter air meets cold 2 | holkham beach | n norfolk

acrylic on deep box canvas | 60 x 60cm
C | how a painting can be based on another painting without copying it [ same size ]

to recreate a painting seen in a gallery in a similar style but using a different colour pallete. This client had seen a painting hanging in an art gallery which they liked but wanted a warmer range of colours to that used. Note the result is NOT a copy of the original but did have a similar feel in terms of subject and proportions. After discussion with the client it was also agreed to run a serpentine form through the painting, the foreground was changed by using a curve of foaming water and the sky reflected this curve

The result is shown below - the original on the left - commission on the right
Stacks Image 149
reflected curves | holkham beach | n norfolk

acrylic on deep box canvas | 100 x 120cm
D | how a painting can be based on another without copying it [ size reduced ]

to recreate a painting[s] seen in a gallery with the same feel but downsized. This client had seen a painting hanging in my studio which they liked but knew it was too big for their wall space. After discussion with the client it was also discovered that they actually required two paintings to place either side of a piece of furniture. With this in mind it was decided to produce two paintings on my medium size canvasses [ 60 x 97.1cm ] which would fit the spaces available. Each painting incorporated the feel and colour palette of the large painting which they had seen, one retaining the neutral sky of the original whilst the other had a deeper coloured sky using one of the darker colours from the same palette so that they didn't look like a 'matching set' but still had a common theme

The result is shown below - the original large painting on the left - the two smaller commissions on the right
Stacks Image 155
cool blue stole the day #1 & #2 | holkham beach | n norfolk

acrylic on deep box canvas | 60 x 97.1cm
E | Triptych [ typical ] - one image split into three separate paintings

to create an interpretation of a north norfolk estuary scene across three panels [ triptych ] This client wanted to fill a long wall space using just one image. It was agreed that a triptych would work enabling them to space out the three panels to fill the length of wall. The theme and colour palette was based on two estuarial paintings that were hanging in my studio when they first came to discuss their requirements. The result is shown below
Stacks Image 161
warm to cool dusk #1 #2 & #3 | morston | n norfolk

acrylic on deep box canvas | 60 x 97.1cm x 3
F | Triptych [ not typical ] - but with three separate images linked mainly by place and colour

to create a visual progression of a favourite north norfolk coastal walk. This client wanted a visual representation of the North Norfolk coast to fill a long space above a large sofa. It was agreed that one of my largest size canvasses would not fill this space adequately and so it was decided a triptych would work much better. Also, instead of creating a typical triptych of one image split into three panels it was decided that each panel would depict the 3 main vistas encountered when walking from Burnham Overy Staithe to Wells. The first panel represented breaking through the dunes catching the first glimpse of the sea. The second panel represents looking out to sea from the beach as the tide starts to return inland. The third panel represents the view looking towards Wells standing in the water as the rising tide creates rivulets parallel to the waters edge. I decided that there should be some reference to a typical triptych in that the water and sand horizon lines would line up but beyond that the link would be made through place and colour alone. As each panel was treated as a separate image it also meant that if the client moved property or just wanted a change each panel would work as a separate painting in its own right. The result is shown below
Stacks Image 167
walking with the tide #1 #2 & #3 | burnham overy staithe to wells | n norfolk

acrylic on deep box canvas | 60 x 97.1cm x 3
G | colours not normally used in my colour palette

BRIEF - to incorporate a colour into my style but to the clients wishes [ red ]
The client had a strong interior colour theme which she wanted to enhance using the principal colour red with gold leaf highlights. The client visited the studio during the process and added more red to the hue to match her requirements as it progressed

Whilst this painting was hanging in my studio awaiting collection another client saw it and wanted to buy it. As it was sold a second version was commissioned - not copied - NO gold leaf - less intensity of red and more gold [ painted ] highlights to define the ripples and waves creating a lighter more subdued feel

The results are shown below - original with gold leaf on left - the second commission on right
Stacks Image 173
the day set to gold and crimson hues | holkham beach | n norfolk

before dusk comes gold red and rust | holkham beach | n norfolk

acrylic on deep box canvas | 60 x 97.1cm
H | my largest canvas size 100 x 162cm

This is my largest canvas size used only for paintings made to order.
This size canvas is useful for those larger wall areas such as victorian and edwardian rooms and of course barn conversions where my standard 100 x 120cm canvases just don't quite fill the spot !
Stacks Image 179
liquid horizons | holkham beach | n norfolk

acrylic on deep box canvas | 100 x 162cm
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