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The following 3 areas n wales | n norfolk | gran canaria have influenced my work past and present and show elements or the wider landscape in a unique contemporary abstracted style. My paintings are now produced in acrylic on 38mm deep block canvas, edged and ready to hang


I start by 'painting' with textures, using different acrylic pastes which are layered over each other to build up the sculptural base on which I then work. On some paintings these acrylic pastes are left raw, making use of their different textures and absorbances to receive the first transparent acrylic colour washes which will then flow in an organic way. However on many of my paintings I gesso over the sculptural base to start from a black base. In this case I will lay down a light metallic or interference layer or lightly roller white gesso over the surface to catch the high levels whilst leaving dark shadow areas. From this point on my technique proceeds in the same way for all bases by adding more transparent acrylic pigment, metallics or interference medium by brush, roller, spatular or washes, mixing directly on the surface by overlaying each element when dry. This creates changes in colour and hue when viewed from different angles, simulating the changes of light one would observe when viewing an actual landscape. Clear acrylic gels are then added. These may be poured, splashed, textured, tinted or inter-layered with more transparent pigment, interference or metallics which further reflects and refracts light from different angles to enhance the illusion of 'being there' passing through the landscape. Most of my work has great visual depth because of my use of only transparent or reflective acrylic pigment and ' glass like ' acrylic gels which allows the whole process to be seen through the painting from the first layer to the last.

Note: during the acrylic paste stage objects such as stone, wood or metal can be embedded and left either natural or gessoes to blend - during the acrylic gel stage glass can be embedded - both acrylic pastes and gels are excellent adhesives


I hope to challenge the viewer to put their own interpretation on each painting, making it more personal to them, whilst increasing their awareness of the natural beauty around them - I hope you find them interesting


Can be undertaken - contact me to discuss.

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…. just wanted to say how pleased we are with the several pieces of artwork which compliment our Welsh farmhouse….
Michael and Sarah Evans - Gwynedd
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