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This section is split into the 3 areas that have influenced my work since 1999 to the present day
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I was fortunate to have lived in the Snowdonia National Park for many years working as a graphic designer whilst also establishing my style as a self taught artist. Although I enjoyed the use of computers in graphics and the possibilities because of them I also wanted to get back to hands on creativity, without a clients brief, so I could develop my own imagination without restrictions. In order to do this I decided to go part time from my main graphic designer job, which was a big step in 1999.

I experimented with a variety of materials during this time before I settled on acrylic and resins. Whilst creating fibre glass sculptural bases I knocked over some resin, it pooled like water on the base. By experimenting further and mixing transparent acrylic paint into the resin I found I could tint it to look even more like water. And out of that ‘happy accident’ my new style was born

My early work was built up on a block substructure with thin ply overlays attached before adding resin paste and clear high gloss resin. These hard looking matt and gloss textures were ideal for interpreting the hard landscape around me whilst focusing on the three main elements rock light and water.

Transparent acrylic colour, metallics and interference mediums were laid and mixed directly on the paintings using an overlaying technique which created depth by enabling the viewer to see through the painting from the first coat to the last. The high gloss resin also increased the visual depth of the painting.


In 2007 I made a second life style change to move to North Norfolk and paint full time. Because my new studio was to be within the house, the use of resin was no longer an option. I experimented with acrylic pastes and gels to replace this material and found them more versatile with an extensive range of densities and textures available. At this stage I was still working on block. This too changed, the main driving force for this decision being a commission from Australia. As block was so heavy I accepted the commission for 3 paintings on the condition that I worked on canvas in order to be able to fly them out. This not only worked for the commission but it also completed the cycle of the way I now work.

My focus is still on the relationship between the elements of surface texture, light and water, the vast beaches marshes and estuaries here being my main source of inspiration. The purpose of my work is not to record a ‘ photographic ‘ record of the landscape but to evoke a sense of ‘ being ‘ in a location by abstracting elements, form and colour. In doing this I hope to create an emotional response through my visual interpretation.


My final relocation, though not permanent, was to find a place in the sun [ I don’t do winters ! ] I have always been drawn to arid desert landscapes but also like to be near the sea. Gran Canaria was my final choice in 2017. Although I haven’t been there long I have started interpreting the famous Maspalomas Dunes and beach with its mix of black volcanic and white Saharan sand. The landscape inland can be arid in the south with dramatic mountain terrain leading up into the centre after which the landscape turns more lush and green in the north with a cooler and wetter climate - not unlike Wales - ‘ sort of completing the circle ‘ - the island living up to its reputation as a continent in miniature - so plenty of inspiration for future paintings !
…. just wanted to say how pleased we are with the several pieces of artwork which compliment our Welsh farmhouse….
Michael and Sarah Evans - Gwynedd
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