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INFLUENCES | gran canaria
In 2016 I decided to purchase a small place in the sun [ I don't do winters well ! ]
I have always been drawn to arid desert landscapes but also like to be near the sea. Gran Canaria was my final choice

Although I haven’t been there long I have started interpreting the famous Maspalomas Dunes and beach with its mix of black volcanic and white Saharan sand. The dunes change daily with the black and white sands being moved into patterns both by the wind and the sea. My first few attempts at interpreting this new environment were as before on smaller canvases ' elements ' interpreting these sand patterns. I then moved on to the wider landscape taking in the sweep of the beach of Maspalomas with all its various characteristics.

The landscape inland can be arid in the south with dramatic mountain terrain leading up into the centre after which the landscape turns more lush and green in the north - not unlike Wales - ‘ sort of completing the circle ‘ - the island living up to its reputation as a continent in miniature - so plenty of inspiration for future paintings !
slideshow of gran canaria influences click here
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